Video Clips and Slideshows

Video clips

WMV file of Newark 2003 2.8Mb

WMV of Bingley Hall 2002 2.2Mb


WMV slideshow of Club tour of Northern England and Scotland 2.7Mb

Tale of a Spartan Build Click here for the photostory 1.5Mb OR Click here to go to the photo gallery with text story and photos.

Ford Spartan Build 1.6Mb

Stoneleigh 2000 and Weston Park festival of transport 2008 0.6Mb

Stoneleigh 2009 1.6Mb

Members Cars, Builds, Rebuilds 6Mb

Slideshows of Newark, AGM and Concours

Newark 1999 2.4Mb

Newark 2001 0.7Mb

Newark 2002 0.9Mb

Newark 2003 0.6Mb

Newark 2005 0.5Mb

Newark 2006 0.8Mb

Newark 2008 3.0Mb

Newark 2008 part 2 3.3Mb

SOC 30th Aniversary Hog Roast 4.4Mb

Newark 2009 7.8Mb

Newark 2010 10.2Mb

Newark 2012 11Mb