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David Kerwin  
I’m currently in the process of building my Spartan. I purchased my first car in October 2005. The car itself looked ok and I thought at first I would do it up as it had only failed the MOT on a few things i.e. lights, bottom ball joint and a small hole in the chassis, not a big problem (I thought). A new coat of paint re-MOT and away we go for the summer of 2006, visit the shows, in particular Newark in June even phoned for prices for hotels in the Newark area.

I set about taking the old tatty carpets out, priced new ones and the cost of re-trimming the interior, then I found the small hole in the chassis which got bigger and bigger the more I hit it with a hammer. So I thought I’d do a pro job and strip the lot and still be ready for Newark it would be a big job but still achievable with plenty of hard work not a problem.

The chassis had more holes than the colander we use for washing the lettuce, then the coup de grace, a previous owner had chiselled along the bottom and up the side of the bulk head I presume to remove the heater but had totally taken the strength out of the bulkhead. I was bitten by the Spartan bug so went looking for another replacement and found a chassis complete with most of the panels in Chelmsford so with a round trip of some 410 miles in the day I started again.

The new chassis had some surface rust mainly in the foot well (due to it being left out in the rain) 6 large circular wire brushes, 2 cheap angle grinders burned out (cheap is not always best) and a lot of sweat I had it back to bare metal. I’ve currently sprayed the chassis with its first coat of Hammerite smooth and fitted the panels taken from the original car, I prefer the shape of the bonnet of this model and the boot, unfortunately, the rear panels that came with the car are a bit short so I intend making my own from sheet aluminium.

I will hopefully add more news and pictures later.

I look forward to meeting other members and their cars at Newark and if I may pick your brains.