I'm afraid my Spartan days are a thing of the past at the moment.

Emigrating to Oz and new baby are meaning Daphene's SORN in the garage with her future under review, however I thought you might be interested in putting some pictures of her on the web site. Shes an early Ford base Spartan, I don't think I've ever seen one quite the same shape.

I blew the rings on the old 1600 x-flow a few years ago now, so set about installing a Sierra 2.0i SOC (with a friends help). I'm glad to say the car saw the road last year (3 year later) and has a bit more poke, although takes a bit more tuge to get around the corners. If I had realised just how long it was going to take I would have just fixed the old engining. But I wouldn't listen!

I've included a picture Dad took of her at Stonely which must be over a decade ago now (I was just a teenager at the time) and a few pics of the new engine going in. I'll try and remember to role her out of the garage and get a couple of up to date shots soon. With the engine new dash ,fuel pump and ECU etc in place.

Regards Jon Seadon