John Appleton's Triumph Spartan Restoration

Hi, my name is John Appleton I am 51 years of age and live in Newton-le Willows Merseyside. I am a retired wagon driver. I owned triumphs in the late 70s early 80s heralds but mainly spitfires I have always been in to rag tops now the kids have gone I can play again.

Now, the story of my spartan:

About 2 to 3 years ago I saw this sorry looking car in my local MOT centre after investigating further I found out one of the mechanics had got it to do up. I pestered him every time I went in to sell it to me. in December 2010  he said I could buy it off him as the engine was seized so I bought it for the price of £250 I had it delivered to my house so I could play with it after about 2 to 3 hours I had it running sweet but after further investigation I found 3 push rods bent and no oil pressure so I took the engine out and striped it down the oil pump was snapped 2 pistons cracked so I decided to refurbish the engine and had the head re done to take unleaded petrol. The body was not to bad, front wing was broke after that it just needs a good paint job and a new rag top.

At this time I am trying to get the petrol tank off to fix the fuel gage and need to set the carbs and timing up. I have looked at a lot of spartans on the internet and found the colour I like hopefully I am going to have it brown and cream. I have been told there is a man in Liverpool that can make me a roof for around £500 all going well I will have it on the road looking nice by next year
the car has 12 month MOT and 12 months tax on it I just need to get it running right

Triumph Vitesse straight 6 2lt I have been told it is a factory chassis but don't know, it is a 1967.

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Why is it when you start one job you take on other jobs along the way? I had one of those brain waves. I saw 2 old settees in leather a few doors up so in my wisdom I decided to strip them for the leather and have a go at redoing the leather on my spartan. So off we go, strip all the back end out then, oh! might as well fix the fuel sender unit. Do this then, oh! I think I will take the tank off and repaint underneath then, oh! I think I will change the brake pipes why oh why do we get these brain waves? I had a car on the road. Now I have a car all over the house and drive. The wife's not happy either! 2 days washing leather!

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