Hello all you Spartans, from John & Gaynor in our fantastic sunny Spain.  Major happenings in recent months have taken place.

October 2010 - myself and Gaynor gone and got hitched in our pretty little village of Rojales, a great wedding on a warm sunny day by t he riverside, yes, I captured my lovely Gaynor at last, it’s those mega long legs that did it you know, and I love her dearly.

March 2011 - history was made, our Spartan finally made it onto Spanish historic registration plates, its a great honour and privilege for this to happen on a normal manufactured car, but a Spartan is something special.  Apparently it’s the only one in Spain on historic plates.

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This was a mammoth journey over five months and I would be very grateful if you could give the following persons and departments a special mention on the Spartan website, I know they all view it with interest after seeing the car :- my wife Gaynor who pushed and pursued everybody (including myself), Mike Pearce the original Spartan builder, Ron Blackwell our Classic Car Club President, David and Francisco from Orke Servicios our main mediators throughout all the documentation, Antonio and his team from the Torrevieja Vehicle Inspection, Rojales SUMA (road tax) and all others.

Man alive, we are on the road at last, the old Spartan has been kicking on the stable door for the past five months waiting to be unleashed like a wild stallion, unleash her we did, the Spartan’s first trip in anger for twenty years was to show it to Mike Pearce as promised.  He was amazed at its condition, I’m sure I saw a tear in his eye, he phoned his friends to come and share his joy and was ever so grateful for what I’d achieved over the past year and 1200 hour restoration.

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“Does the old Spartan go”, as sure as hell it does.  The performance is amazing, gearbox slick as silk, handling and road holding spot on, I’m gaining more confidence on every trip, I’m back in my teens, talk about shake, rattle and roll, bring it all on man, every drive is better than the last.

The classic car scene in Spain has taken massive strides over the past few years, the car is the star as they say.  The Spanish love them, its only recently they have seen these big boys toys, (mainly old British classic cars) due to the massive influx of expats, we are often requested by Mayors of local villages, town and cities to lead the fiestas (of which there are many).  The Spanish are whooping, hollering, tooting and clapping, they love them, what a happy lot they are.

“Does the Spartan stand up”, bet your life it does, nobody was taking much notice of the Jag XK120 parked next to it at a big show, they were all crowded round the Spartan having photos taken, in fact, a Spanish couple requested we attend their wedding so they can use the Spartan in photo shoots.

Last but not least, Gaynor’s little 20 year old future classico, a Citroen AX TRD (100mpg in Guinness Book of Records) in totally un-restored original concourse condition, found in a private garage with no mile on it, I bought it for her for a 2009 Xmas pressie.  Hard to digest but its in better nick than the Spartan. (??? Nah! You have just caught too much sun out there! webmaster) She would be ever so grateful if you could give it a mention.

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That’s all for not, will keep in touch

John & Gaynor

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PS - the Spanish classico nuts have found the Spartan website and find it very interesting, they love any old British sports cars.  Could you say a big hello to them all, Spartacus has found many new friends and allies in Spain.

April 2011

May 2014

Mike Pearce was the original builder of this car and last year his youngest sons wife said Neil was not happy when the car was sold. So Mike contacted John saying would he say if the car was ever for sale. John agreed as he had a new project and the car is back in England and soon to be on its old plates of AOP 47K. Mike is flying back to join Neil on the Classic and Kit Car Rally from greenwich to Brighton on June the first this year. Talk about keep it in the family!

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