‘I’m Ruby’ from Auckland, New Zealand

I'm Ruby

Hi there fellow Spartan Owners.  Though it was about time we got back in touch from the other side of the world. Weather is changing from Winter to Spring so am starting to take ‘I’m Ruby’ out every other day as the weather permits.

It’s well over a year since I travelled back to my childhood home in Doncaster to catch up with old friends and acquaintances at the pilgrimage to the annual Jazz Festival.  Despite the April weather (I’d forgotten how cold it could be) I had a great time and  fitted in a visit to Mew Andrews and Terrry Cartman  at Mew’s home in                          .Nottingham

The car parts I purchased ( Grill and bar badge plus Spartan Emblem) are now proudly adorning ‘ I’m Ruby” and are much admired by the NZ public. I’m beginning to believe that we have the only “Spartan’ in New Zealand as we attend many different Car Fairs and Galleries throughout the North Island of New Zealand but are yet to see a replica.  So ‘I’m Ruby’ is unique in this part of the world.

Annie, my Scottish lady (not a bit like ‘auld greetin’ face’ I hasten to add) and I got married in February. We picked the hottest, muggiest and wettest day in the year so can only give you a photograph of Bride and Groom and ‘I’m Ruby’ in the garage – a gale was blowing so we couldn’t even venture outside. Unbelievable for a new Zealand Summer – nevertheless we had a great time!

wedding day

And lastly, here’s the latest picture of ‘I’m Ruby’ with the memeers of our band –‘Tartan Annie and the Blue boys.’  We’ve used it for our latest advertising feature – we are a charity group whose funds from entertainment, such as the band gigs, pantomimes, comedy shows, etc., go directly to children charities – mainly  Crippled Children.


Anne and Tony Lindley

IM RUBY 2 the next instalment