Branding and Building

Some of you may know me from the recent discussion on the clubs Facebook page about the Spartan Logo and the associated difficulty with bringing it into the 21st Century! For those who this means very little to, here is a brief synopsis. Personally, I love clothes with logos on, and as I’ve been working on my Spartan a lot, the thought of branded overalls has been playing on my mind for a while. I realise this is a bizarre concept to some (or maybe all??) but I’m all over it. To make said overalls and maybe a T-shirt or two, I need a digital image file of the Spartan Logo. This is where the difficulty begins… After enquiring on the Facebook group if any such files existed, the fun began.

gbadge 30th
Martin's Grill badge
Grill Badge in SOC colours

Grill badge designed for
30th aniversary of the club

If you want to get clothing with logo's feel free to click on the image to get the full size version (Editor)

It turns out there has been several variations on the Spartan badge over the years, with even the company using different badges on sales material. I’m referring to the grill or ‘company’ badge, not the Spartan Owners Club Logo (which also has variations). The only high resolution file offered turned out to be a stylised version of the badge with different colours and font. Not what I’m looking for. It quickly became apparent no digital file existed and if I wanted one, I’d have to find a way of creating one. After quickly swatting up on how to go about this, some free software was found and after quite a bit of work, a mk1 logo was produced. It’s by no means perfect, in fact its skew-whiff as the original image I used wasn’t square on. But it proved it could be done and gave me a chance to learn a new skill. I aim to have a proper crack at making the logo in the near future when I can find some time to spare. That is, unless anyone else knows of a suitable image file I can use? Answers on a postcard please, or Facebook/email which may be more appropriate in this case…

So, who is this lad with the logo obsession? Well my name’s Martin, I’ve been hanging around the Facebook group for a couple of years now, watching other people’s progress (Ian Gosling, those sides screens look great) whilst quietly and slowly making progress on my own Spartan. I’m currently at university so working on my Spartan has been restricted to Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays as I’m many miles away at all other times of year. Progress has been hindered by this but I’ve kept going in the knowledge that every bit of work takes it closer to being on the road than it’s been for years. I’m hoping I’m getting close to that stage now, but I’ve never been a good judge of how long jobs take. Secretly, I think I might be a bit lost once the works done, but I can always buy another project…

DorisSo why did I choose a Spartan? Well simply, it was on the drive, looking sorry for itself. Top down motoring was a real attraction as well as the fact it was something a bit different. Built by my Dad back in the day, it was used daily until a few years before my arrival. I’ve never known the car to be roadworthy, it’s always been in a shed somewhere. So, when I decided I wanted a classic car I faced a decision, I either bought one and put that on the drive or I rebuilt the Spartan which as the result of a house move, was already on the drive. And that’s where it all began, after pestering my Dad for years, one day I took the plunge myself and set off in my mates Land Rover to rescue the engine from the barn it had been left in. A engine barnlong and happy summer was then spent stripping, cleaning and rebuilding the engine, learning a huge amountrebuilt along the way. I was chuffed to bits with the finished engine, looking resplendent in its gloss black paint. Whether the thing will run or not is a question for another day. We’re still not sure why it was stripped in the first place, but the years had been kind to it thanks to the oil rags it had been stored with. Somewhere along the 20 odd years the dipstick went missing, not a simple item to source but that and several other hurdles were overcome. I realise I could have just rebuilt a 2.0 litre rather than a 1.6 but I was on a budget and reluctant to let myself start chasing higher power figures. I felt this was a slippery slope I didn’t want to step on! Well just not yet anyways…

To be continued....