Spartan Owners Club Concours and Trophy History

Year Concours Jolley Cup (best modification) Spectators Choice Long Distance Award Best Working Car Best Ford (Wayne Roper cup) Best Triumph (Brian Grant cup) Best Bodywork (John Parker cup) Best Interior (Pete Brown cup) Best Engine Compartment (Martyn Crookes cup) Year
1978 Tony Jolley   Tony Jolley               1978
1979 3rd National Spartan Day Ragley Hall 17th June Brian Grant John Rondeau Graham Meridith               1979

left 1979

right 1980

1980 weekend
1980 events
1980 weekend camp at Billing Aquadrome 100+ cars Graham Meridith Roy Payne / Roger Loxley Roy Payne / Roger Loxley               1980
1981 at Billing Aquadrome 120+cars

Geoff Trigg

D. Bennett D. Bennett H.J. Withus Zutfen, Netherlands             1981
1982 Trentham Gardens

John Wakefield

entrant 3 no name! John Wakefield Len Bosshard             1982
1983 Billing Aquadrome 60 cars

Paul Kelly

Tony Baldwin Paul Kelly L. Jones

Dave StJohn


Bill Hartsuiker


Will Hamlyn Bill Hartsuiker Bill Hartsuiker Alan Grimley Chris Glasby         1984
1985 Will Hamlyn David Southern David Southern Nat.Haydn Edwards IntNat Bill Hartsuiker Will Hamlyn Chris Glasby         1985
1986 Newark best club turnout 40Sat 80Sun. Best club stand/organisation Bill Hartsuiker   Bill Hartsuiker Nat.Brian Gardener IntNat Bill Hartsuiker Martyn Hughes Jim Fox         1986
1987 Paul Kelly John Dickens Chris Glasby Bill Gardener John Dickens Jim Fox Brian Grant       1987
1988                     1988
1989 Bill Hartsuiker Steve Andrews Bill Hartsuiker   Martyn Crookes Chris Glasby Brian Grant       1989
1990 Newark Best club turnout. Michael Byrne Brian Grant Bill Hartsuiker Bill Hartsuiker Eugene De Boer Peter Godfrey Brian Grant       1990
1991 Bill Hartsuiker Phil Collier Bill Hartsuiker Nat. Ken Marchington IntNat. Eugene De Boer Mick Cadle Martyn Hughes John Benstead       1991
1992 Michael Byrne John Binns Michael Byrne A Ferguson Eugene de Boer M Pritchard Kevin Teasdale Paul Kelly       1992
1993 Brian Grant Mick Cadle   A Ferguson Eugene de Boer Ken Marchington Pete Brown Ron Dix       1993
1994 Paul Kelly Martyn Crookes Dave Whistler A Ferguson Eugene de Boer John Parker Eugene de Boer Dave Whistler       1994
1995 Brian Grant Richard Loewenstein Joop Veurman Joop Veurman Keith Marwood Joop Veurman Johna Teeuwsen Dave St John       1995
1996 Newark Best Club attendance Jelle Mulder R Van Den Oever Jelle Mulder R Baker Cees Flink J Schepers Martyn Hughes Paul Kelly       1996
1997 Pete Brown Joop Veurman Pete Brown Will Bollman Cees Flink   Joop Veurman Dave Whistler       1997
1998 Graham Clarke Mike Vaughan Graham Clarke Will Bollman Eugene de Boer Eugene de Boer Martyn Hughes Paul Kelly       1998
1999 J Schepers J Schepers J Schepers Will Bollman R van den Over R Schurink R van den Over J Benstead Y Masyn D Griffin Joop Veurman 1999
2000 Ron Tenant Joop Veurman Graham Clarke Ken Marchington Cees Flink Joop Veurman Joop Veurman Dave Whistler Ron Tenant Joop Veurman Terry Bostock 2000
2001 Grahm Clarke   Dave Whistler Gary Toth Eugene De Boer
  Martyn Crookes   Ken Marchington Graham Clark Martyn Crookes 2001
2002 Pete Brown Eugene De Boer Graham Clarke Brian Roxburgh Cees Flink Tony Edwards Ron Tennant Dave Whistler Gary Toth Ian Hardy Ron Tennant 2002
2003 Werner Christaanse Brian Roxburgh Gary Toth Ken Marchington Cees Flink Ken Marchington Graham Clark Gary Toth Werner Christaanse Werner Christaanse Gary Toth 2003
2004 Martyn Hughes   Pete Brown   Cees Flink Martyn Hughes Dave Whistler Ron Tennant Cees Flink Martyn Hughes 2004
2005 Eddie Povey   Pete Brown Eddie Povey R van den Over Graham Brignall Ron Tennant Steve Percival Gordon Cree Eddie Povey Graham Brignall 2005
2006 Pete Brown Pete Brown Pete Brown Ken Burlaston Joop Veurman Eugene de Boer Joop Veurman Terry Bostock Pete Brown Ian Hardy Pete Brown 2006
2007 Eddie Povey   Pete Brown Gordon Murray Dave Hodges Terry McCormick Nigel Hughes Phil Bayliss Nigel Hendrey Nigel Hughes 2007
2008 Martyn Crookes   Pete Brown

Ken Marchington Joop Veurman

Ken Marchington Joop Veurman   Ron Tennant Martyn Crookes Ron Tennant 2008
2009 Ron Tennant   Terry Bostock Pete Dowden Geoff Drew Pete Brown Terry Bostock Ron Tennant Pete Brown Steve Bradley 2009
2010 Martyn Crookes   Pete Brown Jason Saunders
Joop Veurman
Ken Marchington Graham Brignell Nigel Huges Anthony Galley Martyn Crookes Graham Brignell 2010
2011 Pete Brown A Galley Pete Brown Jason Sander Les Heaton A Galley Terry Bostock Anthony Galley Pete Brown Pete Brown 2011
2012 Joe Watson

Mike Soppitt

Joe Watson

Mike Soppitt

Coral Heaton

Martyn Crookes

Les Heaton

Bill Stringer

Glynne Owen

Mike Soppitt 2012

Terry Bostock

Paul Haley

Mike Soppitt

Nat.Bernard Soppitt
Peter Skvzypek

Paul Haley

Anthony Galley

Phil Bennett

Anthony Galley

Glyn Owen

Mike Soppitt 2013
2014 Ron Tennant - Peter Dowden Ian Grant Irene Teggin Mike Soppitt - Dave Tonkinson Ron Tennant Steve Bradley 2014
2015 Mike Soppitt David J Kerwin Mike Soppitt David J Kerwin David J Kerwin Mike Soppitt Geoff Simpson Tony Richards Tony Richards Mike Soppitt 2015
2016 Brian Grant   Brian Grant   Steve Bradley Pete Brown Geoff Simpson Edward Hodgson Pete Brown Howard Coote 2016
2017 Pete Brown Joop Veurman Pete Brown

Joop Veurman (International)
John Cleaver

Dave Kerwin Joop Veurman John Cleaver Edward Hodgson Pete Brown Mike Soppitt 2017


( Steve Andrew’s Presidents Shield as of 2010)

Jolley Cup (best modification) Spectators Choice Long Distance Award Best Working Car Best Ford (Wayne Roper cup) Best Triumph (Brian Grant cup) Best Bodywork (John Parker cup) Best Interior (Pete Brown cup) Best Engine Compartment (Martyn Crookes cup) Year