Factory Promotional Material

A letter from Jim to the newly formed club members


The Spartan factory was originally located on Mapperly Plains as the newspaper advert shows.

paper ad

The cover of a colour flyer for the Triumph Spartan.

triumph flyer

Ford Spartan materials. The factory had now moved to Kirkby Lane Works, Pinxton. Nottinghamshire.

If anyone has originals of these I would be greatful if you could forward me scans which render the text readable.


fordmag fordmag2 fordmag4

The following are an early Ford Spartan flyer, again if anyone has originals please forward me scans which render text readable.

ford1ford2 ford3 ford4 ford5 ford6 ford7 ford8 ford9

The following is the most recent of Ford Marketing Flyers

fflyer1 fflyer2 fflyer3 fflyer4 fflyer5 fflyer6